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When you join our team, you’re in safe and experienced hands. With over 100 years combined marketing and merchandising experience in the agriculture sector, the Grain Brokers Australia team provide a professional and dedicated brokering service to grain growers, offering alternative avenues to market grain through outside of the traditional channels.

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The Market Today

Market at a Glance

As at 17th Nov 2017
CBOT Wheat (Spot) 420.00
CBOT Wheat (JUL 17) 437.75
Kansas Wheat (Spot) 417.75
MGE Wheat (Spot) 624.75
CBOT Corn (Spot) 338.25
MATIF   €379.00
ICE Canola (Spot) CAD $519.20
CBOT Soybean (Spot) 976.25
AUD/USD (Spot) 0.7588
AUD/CAD (Spot) 0.9684
OIL USD/ba (WTI) 55.33


 2017/18  APW1


Weekly Wrap

Some eventual gains on wheat: WASDE report on Thursday saw Wheat futures trade lower but managed to close higher by a few cents in the nearby months, finding support in reduced carryout numbers. Minneapolis continues its run higher, finding support from lower stocks. CBOT Dec ’17 is now at 428.4c/bu.

Graph: CBOT WHEAT DEC ’17 ZWZ17 AS AT NOV13TH      

Egypt’s bought a further 120kmt of Russian wheat at around US$210mt CNF. Ukraine’s poor export activity has now been revised with 350kmt of wheat exported last week. India have formally doubled its import tax on wheat. WA origin shows that Australian wheat is $35/MT FOB, higher than the black sea, currently quality is on our side and strong relationships with our Asia pacific counter-parties.

Bullish Factors

  • BULLS: Hard to get fundamentally bullish with world production up 790 KMT for wheat. With record surplus we can expect CBOT to trade in a tight range 400-430c until we get either a significant weather or security event.

Bearish Factors

  • BEARS: The strong USD is hurting exports out of the US and bears predict export numbers estimated by the USDA may be far lower than anticipated further adding to US wheat carry.
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